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How does air-conditioning in motor vehicles work?

Air is cooled similarly as in a refrigerator, in the following way:

  • A compressor compresses a coolant, and in the process the coolant is heated, same as air in a bicycle pump.
  • Excess heat is removed in a condenser and dispersed into the surroundings. Then the coolant is transported to a drier where any moisture is removed from it and then filtered off.
  • After that the coolant passes through an expansion valve in the circuit, and its pressure and temperature drop.
  • The refrigerated coolant is transported to an evaporator with a temperature of around -1°C, and from there it is lead through air channels to the vehicle’s cabin.

Regular inspection is important for your comfort

Air-conditioning inspection includes

  • checking the internal filter for clogging
  • checking the condition of air channels and if required cleaning them and disinfecting them with a special preparation

Inspection of the cooling circuit includes

  • checking the quantity of the coolant
  • in air-conditioning system (R134a, or R12)
  • checking the drier for clogging
  • measuring pressure in the system
  • measuring temperatures in the cooling circuit
  • measuring air temperature inside the vehicle’s interior

For the air-conditioning to work correctly and to maintain hygienically clean environment inside the vehicle, the entire system must be inspected regularly, air channels cleaned from any dust and sediments, and the coolant cleaned and topped up.


Tips and tricks for your air-conditioning

In summer​
In order to cool the air inside the vehicle as quickly as possible:
  • open a window for a couple of minutes to remove the hot air,
  • shut the window and set the air-conditioning control to the internal air circulation position,
  • shut the window and set the air-conditioning control to the internal air circulation position,.
In winter​
The air-conditioning will help you to quicker remove a layer of ice from the windshield!
  • Direct the air flowing into the interior towards the windshield. Set the control to maximum temperature and turn the air-conditioning on.
  • Even in winter turn the air-conditioning on at least once every fortnight for at least 10 minutes. This will prevent excessive deposits of dust and an unpleasant smell which may develop when you start using the air-conditioning in the next summer season.

Basically the following principle applies: The air-conditioning in your vehicle should never be left idle for too long!

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