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Exhaust systems
Exhaust systems

Exhaust systems

The exhaust system’s function is to safely remove hot exhaust fumes from the engine’s combustion chamber outside of the vehicle. It also reduces the noise generated inside the combustion chamber. The exhaust system’s integrated catalytic converter changes noxious substances present in the exhaust fumes to substances which are almost harmless to health.

Exhaust system construction


Reducing noise level

Noise level (maximum permissible values):
Bicycle with auxiliary engine 70 dB
Moped, small motorcycle 72 dB
Light motorcycle 75 dB
Motorcycle up to 500 cc 80 dB
Passenger car 74 dB
Truck 77-80 dB
For comparison
Pneumatic drill (at a 5 m distance) 90 dB

Wear and corrosion


Therefore have exhaust system checked in particular for leaks and its attachments! In each inspection only new seals must be always used.

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